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12 U-Tube Solar Hot Water Panel


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Vacuum tube solar water heater panel, copper U-tube. High pressure, any orientation. Heavy duty stainless steel frame. Make your own solar water heater system, heat swimming pool or domestic hot water. The most flexible and adaptable of vacuum tube solar panels, U-tubes can be mounted at any angle. Fluid circulates from the header to the bottom of the tubes, then makes a U-turn back up. Suitable for many types of solar hot water systems: thermo-siphon, in-floor heating, high pressure, closed loop solar water heater installations. 1.5 meter tubes, stainless steel header, copper U-tube pipes, full SRCC certification, expected life 20+ years.

U-Tube Panels have passed Solar Keymark European certification, efficiency and durability testing and are on the CSA approved list of solar energy water heater panels.

Copper U tubes can stand high working pressures-up to 6 bar (0.6 Mpa) and also work with natural thermo-siphon (circulation by hot water rising) applications.

· Graded Al-N/Al selective coating, high energy absorption and low heat transfer losses

·highly evacuated with pressure ≤5×10-2 Pa in space between outer and inner covers, no heat loss

·High transparency with boron silicon glass, high resistance to cold water shock

·High 6 bar pressure capable

·U tube panels can be joined in series

·Use for pools, thermosiphon systems

·Use in pressure split systems

Model: SLU1500/12 tube

Collector tubes SL-I-1500 5 ft long, 1.8 inch diameter (1.5 meter, 47 mm diameter)
U tube material: Copper
U tube: Diameter 8 mm, Thickness 1 mm
Max. Pressure (working) 0.6 MPa=6 bar (about 6 atmospheres), tested to 9 bar
Area: Gross 14 square foot=1.278 square meters (Absorber 0.858 square meters)
Intercept efficiency (h0) 0.593 Aperture
(0.883 Absorber, 0.616 European conversion for RETScreen Frta)
Heat Loss (a1): FrUL=1.293 W/(m2K) (European format converted for RETScreen)
Net Weight: 30 kg
Reflector: Flat Plate Diffuse, Aluminum
Inlet and Outlet Piping, in 1/2” (12 tube), stainless steel
Stagnation Temperature 220 degrees C, with reflector
Energy per year: 525 kWh/m2 
4908 Btu/square meter/day, standard conditions

1.5 meter/4.9 foot
31 kg (68 lbs)